We have three different course options available for you, plus a selection of extra classes and individual sessions.

Build your own bespoke week that gives you everything you're after! 



Intensive Performer

12th - 18th August 2022


12th - 18th August, 2022


15th - 17th August, 2022

Advanced Performer

Short Course

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Which course should I choose?

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The Intensive Performer Course is the best choice for those wishing to really expand their skills and gain in-depth knowledge to further their careers.  Your masterclass performance will be an opportunity to play and learn in front of the rest of the summer school.  

Choosing the Advanced Performer Course will allow you the opportunity to attend all the masterclasses throughout the week plus perform in your own mini-masterclass.  This is a masterclass in a more intimate setting with fewer people attending and will really help to build your confidence.  

Our Short Course is excellent for amateur flautists wishing to expand their knowledge and skill set. During this course, you will have a private lesson, piano coaching session, a performance class opportunity, technique class and flute choir rehearsals!  The intensive 3 days will culminate in a showcase short course concert.